Managing a dental practice: the best strategic decisions.

Running a dental practice is a heavy responsibility for dental practitioners. With academic training limited to their field of specialty, not all dental professionals have the necessary skills to properly manage and maintain their practices. They therefore face many challenges on a daily basis and unfortunately end up making mistakes.

Many strategic choices are available to practitioners after opening their dental practices. However, there are many mistakes that should be avoided to ensure proper operation:

Don’t do everything on your own:

The first mistake to avoid is wanting to do everything on your own and not delegate anything. After the opening of your dental practice, several factors are to be taken into account, we quote:

    • The legal aspect.

    • Accounting and tax management.

    • The hygiene and maintenance of the office space.

    • The administrative follow-up of the patients.

A single person will not be able to take care of all these aspects and will surely end up doing their job badly.
It is therefore recommended to delegate certain tasks to an external service provider who will take care of these tasks for you and allow you to concentrate on your core business.

Elkho Management, a partner in dental practice management, is an example of an external service provider. The company takes care of all the management of your practice and offers you a free Audit, all you need to do is to contact the team to benefit from it.

– Communication and Marketing:

Like all other areas, communication and marketing have become a necessity for a successful business.

It is essential to integrate the communication tools for your practice and define the different channels to reach the target audience.
Doing community management on social networks is one of the most important strategic decisions to communicate with patients or future patients. On the one hand, it ensures a permanent presence in the patient’s mind. On the other hand, you can take advantage of it to communicate about your services.

– Recruitment:

Many practitioners need help with their initial recruiting. They face several issues at the beginning: recruitment channels, job descriptions, scheduling interviews…

It is advisable to prepare your recruitments well and to define the exact position you are looking to fill with a list of the desired skills and the missions to be carried out. In case of difficulty, contacting an external recruiter who has all the necessary resources is a strategic decision that will save time.