Our history

Efficiency and pragmatism

With our experience and development, ELKHO GROUP has proven itself in the world of Finance. Elkho Management is part of Elkho Group, a leader in the financial domain and present in a dozen countries, covering the entire globe.

With hundreds of employees around the world, Elkho Management discovered an increasingly growing demand from independent medical professionals.

We found that it is difficult for them to find time to devote themselves to the core administrative side of their work.

Elkho Management was created in 2019 to help these independent medical professionals be able to focus on their primary mission, patient care. We outsource the daily tasks of these businesses and more particularly in the dental world. Elkho Management has chosen to address the dental sector as a field of activity due to its profitability and the profile of its actors.

Specialists in structuring and optimization, Elkho Management assists dental surgeons in the development of their activity as well as that of their employees. We guarantee personalized and multidisciplinary support (recruitment, training, accounting, management, taxation, etc.).

Today, we have developed within our structure the strong skills needed in the dental field and in the structural organization related to it.At Elkho Management, we believe that professionals should be able to concentrate on the essential. Our objectives: To give health professionals more time for patient care, to help develop their practices and to increase profitability Practitioners will then be able to devote themselves exclusively to their core business of care.

Our role is to help you with all the tasks that can be a burden to you on a daily basis To achieve this, we have developed numerous solutions. We liberate you from the burden of management and administration. Professional and personal support can also be provided.

Experienced consultants in France and internationally work in various fields (banks, liberals, services, industries, etc.). Nous saurons innover pour apporter une réponse adaptée et créatrice de valeur.

Elkho Management, your management partner.

“Coming together is a beginning; staying together is progress; working together is success”

Henry FORD